Allie Trimm is an active performer on and off Broadway, and offers a unique and comprehensive coaching experience for her students.


      Drawing from her years of experience and various methods of training, Allie tailors to each students specific needs to help develop a strong technical foundation, sharp acting instincts, and most importantly a healthy relationship with your own voice.


      Allie believes that strong singing is 20% technique and 80% mindset. Building confidence in your instrument is the most important lesson a singer can learn, and this training will carry you through a long, healthy and fun singing career!


      In your lessons with Allie, you can expect to discuss and workshop a range of specific practices that will unlock your authentic voice, and apply these tools to your favorite songs of any genre.

For PERFORMING inquiries, contact Victoria Kress at A3 Artists Agency.

"Working with Allie is a dream come true and her knowledge is invaluable. So grateful.”

-21 year old student

“My daughter has been working on finding her mix for years and in her first lesson with Allie, she unlocked it!”


"I love working with Allie. She has gotten me to feel more comfortable singing, and making mistakes while doing so, than any other voice teacher. I’ve grown so much in both my mindset and my voice over just the last few lessons!"

-Samantha, 19, Fordham University

“My recital performance got so many compliments and brought some people to tears. I was blown away how far I had come with just a few lessons!”

-15 year old student

“My daughter is LOVING lessons and her conversations with Allie. I can already hear the improvement in her singing. Thanks!”